Namaste World & Hello Bharat!

Critical, reasoned and informed thinking by the citizens is the pillar of a robust democracy. Deep thinking on critical issues has for long been considered the preserve of a particular intelligentsia class, with the so called masses being considered incapable of doing the same. Each day the nation is bombarded with narratives and counter narratives often taking away attention from the core issues which actually plague the nation.

So while the inner workings of the lives of celebrities, social media stars and those rich and famous captures the imagination of the nation, many a times it is at the expense of eliminating any need for a cerebral discourse on critical issues confronting the nation. While we are told what the “nation wants to know”, it is often at the expense of what the “nation needs to know”. However this patronising status quo shall not prevail for long, as the time has come for new India to “de-intellectualize thinking” and free it from clutches of a limited few and bring it where it rightfully belongs to the Thinking Aam Aadmi and Aurat – The Thinking Bharat!

It shall be our earnest endeavour to articulate and mainstream the social, political and economic issues that actually matter for Bharat from the perspective of the Thinking Indian.

Team Thinking Bharat